The Life Stages of Mail

We know that people of all ages read and respond to mail. But as their lives change, they respond in different ways, with important implications for brands, institutions and other organisations.

Does the twenty-six year old living at home with mum and dad have a different perception of mail than a twenty-six year old with a young baby? Of course.

We commissioned two extensive qualitative studies through Quadrangle and Trinity McQueen, and drew on a wide range of data sources, including TouchPoints, TGI and our own previously published research.

The resulting report analyses the evolving role of mail at different life stages, providing valuable insight and recommendations for advertisers who want to get the most from mail as people grow and change.

Find out more about the seven life stages of mail


The "selfie generation" – friends, fashion, fun and the future

Cut through the digital competition by targeting younger audiences using mail as it is relatively new to them

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The young ones – newly independent social butterflies who won't stay still

Use door drops which demonstrate intelligence and authenticity as this group are open to building relationships with brands

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Finding their feet, building a future – before, after or without kids

They respond to messages which involve their home, community and social life

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Young Families

A new life on a different planet, when everything changes

They are practical and focused on their parental roles, so content is likely to be more important than design

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Older families

Communal, collaborative and comfortable together

Provide value-driven content, such as vouchers and loyalty scheme messages

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Empty Nesters

Reaping the rewards, spending the inheritance

Longer form copy is valued, and if relevant it is often read more than once

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Older Retirees

Experienced, discerning and unimpressed by over-claims

This audience will save relevant offers and information which can be shared with others

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Top tips for all life stages

A summary of tips to win customers at any life stage. Improve engagement and response rates by better understanding customer preferences – whatever their stage in life

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