The private life of mail

Mail’s journey doesn’t end on the doormat. In fact, it’s just the beginning.

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Front cover of the report The private life of mail - Marketreach

In today’s changing media landscape, brands and consumers are communicating in more diverse ways than ever.  Mail, however, represents a significant point at which communication becomes physical.

Over 18 months, we conducted a series of research projects to understand exactly what that meant for consumers, and what it meant for organisations.

We looked into consumers’ homes and found that mail lives a rich and surprisingly long life beyond the doormat. We looked into their hearts and uncovered the deep emotional responses that are triggered by sensations of touch. And, we literally looked into their heads, using the latest neuroscience techniques to discover that mail has a powerful impact on the brain.

Mail can and should be used to meet a wide range of marketing objectives, including consideration and direct response. Digital has changed many things, including many of our behaviours, but it hasn’t changed who we are or what we value.

In an evolving world, mail’s unique strengths may just be what’s needed to make an extra impact on your marketing. 

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