Using Mail

Mail is a dynamic and a hugely versatile marketing tool. It offers a range of different formats and targeting options – and integrates seamlessly with digital channels. Whatever your brief, it's a key part of the marketing mix.

The flexible format

Mail is the flexible, physical format that can be easily tailored to meet your objectives. Whether you’re looking for personalised targeting or want to reach the right audience without personal data, mail can meet your needs. You can target a single street or the whole of the UK. It’s all possible with mail.

Innovations in technology have increased the potential of mail. Automation and programmatic targeting have made it easier than ever to run agile campaigns. Meanwhile voice search, QR codes and augmented reality are making the customer experience richer and more integrated.

Direct Mail

Personalised and powerful, direct mail helps brands engage customers, build vital long-term relationships, and boost the bottom line.

Partially Addressed Mail

Reach relevant new audiences, even if you don’t have a rich database. Partially Addressed Mail uses postcode data to target the right audience. 

Door Drops

A flexible, cost-effective way to get your message across. Door drops work for businesses of all shapes and sizes – and for local and large-scale campaigns.

Customer Mail

Letters, bills and customer updates build brands and can boost the bottom line. They’re the unsung heroes of mail.

Mail and Digital integration

Whether you’re looking to enhance customer experience or boost your bottom line, integrating physical and digital can lead to powerful results.


You can now automate physical mail in the same way as email. And integrating the two channels is a great way to boost response throughout the customer journey. Using CRM platforms like Salesforce, Oracle, Adobe and Iterable your campaigns can be faster, more focused and more integrated than ever before. 

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Programmatic Mail

Programmatic mail uses data based on a user’s online behaviour to create a personalised piece of direct mail within 24 to 48 hours. It’s a powerful way to remind customers what they could be missing and can significantly boost conversions. Now you can turn abandoned online baskets into sales.

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QR codes

The humble QR code is back – and this time it’s here to stay. From restaurant menus to online registrations, QR codes are making life more convenient in a contactless world. QR codes can be used across all mail formats. They work well as a call to action, taking people online seamlessly. Or they can be used more creatively, to bring a piece of mail to life.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality lets you turn physical mail into amazing digital experiences. More and more brands are waking up to the huge potential of ‘phygital’. Interactive gaming, engaging audio and rich animation are now all within the capabilities of mail. With AR, the only limit is your imagination.

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Voice Activation

Voice search is fast becoming a major part of our everyday lives. It can now be integrated with mail to create seamless, more convenient customer journeys. So how does voice search and mail work? It’s pretty simple. Using a call to action on piece of direct mail, customers are prompted to launch an app on their smart speaker. They are asked for their mobile number which triggers an SMS with a clickable url to respond to. It’s easy, intuitive and allows marketers to track campaign performance.

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