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We’ve provided you with a selection of key takeouts from WARC’s ‘Driving Effectiveness With Direct Mail’ research which really shows how the channel can be a game-changer for businesses.

We are always looking at new ways to help businesses use mail effectively and develop the best mail campaigns, so we recently partnered with marketing experts WARC to look into the impact of the channel in today’s world. What we learned was truly fascinating and useful for brands looking to boost effectiveness and achieve long and short-term goals.

The study analysed successful UK case studies from WARC’s database, both using direct mail as the lead channel and in the media mix. It takes a fresh look at the benefits of direct mail today especially with consumer behaviour patterns changing. For example, more people working from home post-COVID and the rise of e-commerce has meant consumption habits have changed.

We’ve provided a selection of key takeouts from WARC’s ‘Driving Effectiveness With Direct Mail’ research which demonstrates how mail can be a game-changer for businesses. From helping to generate huge uplifts in ROI and market share to boosting revenue and profit and much more.

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