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In uncertain times, consumers continue to have confidence in mail. It’s trusted among all age groups.

Data privacy and trust are at the forefront of customers’ minds, and rightly so. Declining trust in advertising has been a lingering issue for some time, and with Apple and Google making significant changes to protect consumer privacy, now is a good time to review your choices.

Consumers are feeling less confident. And, when they feel less confident, they seek greater reassurance from brands. In fact, “trust” is now one of the most important considerations for consumers when they buy from a brand.

Mail is a highly trusted channel: 71% say they completely trust the mail they receive – and it’s trusted across all age groups. While fake news and misinformation may thrive online, consumers continue to have confidence in mail, building positive brand perception.

Consumers say they prefer physical documents for content that is sensitive or of a personal nature. Research shows that twice as many people feel that physical mail is private and secure compared to digital. Four times as any people associate scams with digital compared to physical mail.

Using mail as part of your media mix provides a highly trusted option. Download the nickable content slides to learn more

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