Mail helped Specsavers customers hear every word


Accepting hearing loss is an emotional journey. Practically, people miss out on conversations; not catching full sentences or losing their thread. But hearing aid can impact your sense of identity. 1 in 4 people walk away from their hearing test overwhelmed and confused of what action to take next.

Audiology customers have taken a huge step by coming into Specsavers for a hearing test. However, a staggering 73% of them that are diagnosed with moderate to severe hearing loss will not go on to purchase a hearing aid there and then.

Specsavers knew that 40% of those that do go on to purchase a hearing aid after their initial appointment do so within 1-4 weeks. So, they set out to develop a multi-channel strategy that targeted customers who had been diagnosed with hearing loss but did not return to store and purchase a hearing aid during this crucial first month.


In order to overcome the barriers to purchase, be that price, appearance or comfort, Specsavers focused on the life changing benefits that a hearing aid can bring to the customer. In a way that demonstrated empathy and understanding

The creative approach centred around the idea that with a Specsavers hearing aid you could hear every word. A mailing sent to these crucial customers in the first month brought the problem to life. On the front was a ‘conversation’ with key words missing. When the recipient pulled the mailing apart, Specsavers filled in the conversation to deliver their message: “Book a hearing aid appointment’. On the back were answers to questions that they had been too afraid to ask.


This revealing mailing brought eye-opening results with significant numbers of customers coming into store to tackle their hearing loss.


Source: DMA Awards, Best Use of Mail

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