Exploring the impact of mail in an attention scarce world

In the past, marketers believed that advertising impressions worked similarly across all media channels, allowing them to develop reach-based planning for market penetration. The webinar highlights the effectiveness of traditional mail in capturing attention in a competitive environment, demonstrating how it can revolutionise marketing strategies.

For a long time, marketers have operated under the assumption that exposures to advertising (impressions) work identically across different media channels. This is the entire premise of reach-based planning, which - as we know from decades of marketing effectiveness research - is critical to market penetration and brand growth.

Watch this webinar and you’ll see just how effective traditional mail is in an attention-scarce world, and how it could be game-changing for your marketing strategy. WARC and Marketreach's partnership on their latest research shows how direct mail commands undivided attention and extremely high dwell-times compared to other channels, making it a much more effective use of already tight marketing budgets.

After this webinar, you'll walk away with key learnings to apply to your marketing strategy. 

Our fascinating report ‘The Attention Advantage’, written by WARC reveals strategies to increase your brand's visibility, boost marketing ROI and, as the title suggests, get the advantage over your competitors.

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