Catalogues: Connecting with consumers. Converting sales.

Looking to boost sales in a world of new consumer shopping patterns, media consumption and the cost-of-living crisis? Discover how catalogues can help retailers engage with customers and adapt to changing consumer behaviour. Written in collaboration with Retail Week

Marketreach Retail Week Catalogues report

Explore how catalogues can help retailers engage with customers, adapt to changing behaviors, and convert browsers into buyers. Discover crucial insights, top brand case studies, and the power of physical browsing experiences to drive sales effectively.

The report, written in collaboration with Retail Week, reveals that catalogues can convert browsers into buyers, with 55% making a purchase after seeing something in a catalogue. Key insights include the ability of catalogues to provide ideas for purchases, drive long-term action, offer engagement opportunities, and cut through digital noise effectively. Case studies from successful brands like The White Company, Amazon, Hotel Chocolat, and Loaf demonstrate the impact of catalogues on consumer behavior.

How can catalogues drive long-term growth for your brand?

Idea Generation: Catalogues provide customers with ideas for purchases, sparking interest and driving engagement with products and brands.

Conversion: Catalogues have a proven track record of converting browsers into buyers, with a significant percentage of customers making purchases after seeing products in catalogues.

Long-Term Action: They drive long-term action, as customers are more likely to remember and act on products they have seen in catalogues over time.

Engagement Opportunities: Catalogues offer increased opportunities for engagement, with a considerable amount of time spent by customers reading and exploring the content.

Cutting Through Digital Noise: In a digital-heavy marketing environment, catalogues stand out as physical, tangible marketing materials that are more likely to grab customers' attention compared to digital ads or emails.

Brand Building: Catalogues present a valuable brand-building opportunity, allowing retailers to showcase their products in a visually appealing and engaging format.

Influencing Purchase Decisions: Catalogues have a significant influence on purchase decisions, often more so than websites or TV ads, making them a powerful marketing tool for retailers.

Download the research to gain valuable insights on how catalogues can boost sales, engage customers, and drive conversions in a dynamic retail landscape. Understanding the power of catalogues in influencing consumer decisions and behaviors can provide marketers with actionable tips to enhance marketing effectiveness, drive brand-growth and stay competitive in the evolving retail environment.


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