Neuroscience. Why Mail Cuts Through

We wanted to understand what happens at a subconscious level, when consumers process brand messages. With neuroscience, experts could also study the impact of media choice on how brand messages are remembered.

Marketreach Neuroscience and Media report. Why Mail Cuts Through

To better understand the subconscious impact of different media channels, we enlisted the help of neuroscience marketing experts from Neuro-Insight to assess if mail could be the solution to this challenge.

The digital era has greatly changed the way marketing is done, providing more opportunities to reach consumers in real-time. With the majority of UK adults spending a significant amount of time online, it is easier to target specific audiences. 
However, with the abundance of digital touchpoints, it’s difficult for brands to stand out and make their message heard. Choosing the right channels is crucial in this competitive landscape. Additionally, with GDPR regulations emphasising consumer value and respect, it is important for brands to work hard to ensure their messages are memorable and effective. 
Marketers are faced with the challenge of creating impactful messages that can cut through the overwhelming media clutter and drive action. 

We wanted to understand what happens at a subconscious level when consumers process marketing messages. Using neuroscience research techniques, experts could analyse this in terms of how well different media channels are remembered and their impact on customer engagement.

This research report reveals our key insights and results. It highlights the pivotal role that mail can play to deliver real cut through in a complex multi-media environment.

*How To Cut Through The Noise And Connect With Customers, American Marketing Association, 2018.

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