Neuroscience. Why mail cuts through

Measuring mail’s effectiveness with neuroscience.

Why mail cuts through

In our digitally optimised world, customer targeting has never been easier. But now we receive up to 10,000 marketing messages a day*, it’s also never been harder to cut through all the marketing noise and make your brand message stand out and be remembered.

We wanted to understand what happens at a subconscious level when consumers process marketing messages. Using neuroscience research techniques, experts could analyse this in terms of how well different media channels are remembered and their impact on customer engagement. 

This research report reveals our key insights and results. It highlights the pivotal role that mail can play to deliver real cut through in a complex multi-media environment.

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*How To Cut Through The Noise And Connect With Customers, American Marketing Association, 2018.

What you'll learn

  • Full details of the neuroscience methodology used for the research
  • Which are the most memorable marketing channels for consumers
  • How mail affects customer engagement
  • How our brains process and store information about brands
  • What impact mail has on other channels like social media advertising
  • Lifecycle of direct mail and how it drove commercial action

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