Rory Sutherland on Mail Unleashed set
Rory Sutherland on Mail Unleashed set

Mail Unleashed

Hosted by advertising legend Rory Sutherland our ‘Mail Unleashed’ series goes in-depth with some top CMOs about their experiences with the hugely effective channel, direct mail.

Leading senior marketers talk direct mail with Rory Sutherland


Episode 1 Lis Blair

Lis Blair, MoneySuperMarket

Host Rory Sutherland launched the series interviewing Lis Blair, CMO at MoneySuperMarket, about her unique experiences of effectively adding direct mail to the mix. Read more

Episode 2 Tony Miller

Tony Miller, CMO

In this episode of Mail Unleashed, watch Tony Miller (former CMO at WW and Disney), discuss his success using direct mail with advertising legend Rory Sutherland. Read more

Episode 3 Pete Markey

Pete Markey, CMO Boots UK

Watch Pete Markey, CMO of Boots UK, unveil his personal secrets behind the power of direct mail with Rory Sutherland. And hear how to use direct mail to maximum effect in the marketing mix. Read more

Episode 4 Ellie Norman

Ellie Norman and Rory Sutherland

Sport meets marketing as Ellie Norman, CCO at Manchester United, discusses the power of direct mail in the modern media mix. Including building strong positive associations to changing consumer perceptions, as she sits down with advertising legend Rory Sutherland. Read more

Episode 5 Seema Kumari

Seema Kumari

“Print is not dead”. Seema Kumari, former Senior Marketing & CRM Director at Hearst UK, explains to Rory Sutherland. They discuss how it’s valued by consumers and can be the crucial link to knit the entire marketing mix together effectively. Read more

Episode 6 Jack Gallon

Jack Gallon, Executive Creative Director, MBAstack

Mail can be anything you want it to be, with a little creative spark, Jack Gallon, Executive Creative Director, MBAstack, explains to Rory Sutherland. They discuss how it’s a stage for creative ideas to perform on, allowing you to touch every sense and grab attention. Read more

Episode 7 Tash Whitmey

"When the right piece of mail lands on your doormat, it is really important and stands out disproportionately", Tash Whitmey, Group Director of Loyalty, CRM and Marketing at Tesco, shares with Rory Sutherland as they discuss her 25-plus years of success in direct marketing. Read more

Episode 8 Richard Shotton

Richard Shotton, Founder of Astroten and author of ‘The Choice Factory’

Content written on paper is so much more memorable than on a screen, Richard Shotton, behavioural scientist and founder of Astroten, explains why to Rory Sutherland. He also unveils the key to being distinctive, how mail can change a consumer’s perception and generally how our minds work when we’re considering a brand. Read more

Episode 9 Natalie Milner

Natalie Milner, Former Group Membership & Loyalty Director, the AA with Rory Sutherland

How can mail influence long-term brand perception as well as driving short-term purchase decisions? Rory Sutherland talks to Natalie Milner – former Group Membership & Loyalty Director, the AA – about the ‘toast rack’ theory. How to build loyalty through mail and how the flexibility in direct mail formats enable brands to create unique pieces every time. Read more

Episode 10


Check back soon for the next episode! Coming soon!

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