Fred Olsen wanted to raise awareness of their brand and stimulate booking amongst a discerning 55+ audience during the peak bookings window.


Using propensity modelling and drive time analysis, Fred Olsen were able to identify the most receptive postcodes within a 90 minute catchment area for each of their 7 ports.

Two, full colour brochures were door dropped in three bursts to connect households with the Fred Olsen brand multiple times across the peak booking season. A prize draw offer drove customers online or to a UK call centre to book.


By combining targeting expertise, standout creative and delivery at relevant timings, Fred Olsen achieved a 107% increase in bookings at a ROMI of 1.87.
Direct bookings – delivering greater revenue and profit - increased by 34% too.


Source: Fred Olsen Cruise Lines - DMA Award Entry 2015

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