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Mail is proven to leave a truly lasting impression. It stays in the home for up to 17 days, and gets passed on to an average of 2 people. Take a look at how Sky, Kit Kat and Costa have used it to boost their marketing strategy.


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A welcome pack 'wormed' its way into sponsors' lives.

Letters brought people closer during ‘lockdown’ Gay pride.

Mailing donors in Covid - 19' lockdown' helped avert a financial crisis.

Retargeting with programmatic mail drove substantial uplift in sales.

Highly engaging campaign encouraged smart mortgage lending.

A letter created a richer brand experience by engaging the senses.

Use of artificial intelligence made printed Christmas catalogue shoppable.

Set of unique greetings cards honouring pregnancy loss boosted generous charity donations.

Pioneering technology enabled recipients to book a test-drive with a single button push.

Location-based direct marketing campaign targeted at pet owners.

Homeless letters boost donations and raise awareness.

‘Rising from the ashes’ by engaging the greatest talents in the UK with an inspirational mailing.

Asking homeowners to ‘Shave the date’ produced clear cut results.

The UK’s largest retirement homebuilder

An embroidered 'email' sent members online to opt in for real email.

Mail and Email boosted sales for a Canadian cruise company.

Hive's 'light bulb moment' was to use mail to cut through digital noise.

The re-design that saved £250K.

Making an impression on the over 60's.

Getting noticed and making savings.

Upgraded their customer base.

Boosted ROI to 2:1.

Designs drove Black Friday sales.

Increased ROI by 61%.

Ikea used digital print to inspire customers to revamp their outdoors.

Catalogues are delivering shiny sales for Posh Totty designs.

Boundary Road Brewery sent drinkers to ‘university’ to educate them about beer.

Mail engaged Sky’s current customers to promote the brand to new customers.

HSBC acquired students by inspiring them before they started university.

Lynx used mail to convince influencers that the brand had grown up.

KitKat grabbed attention by spoofing an everyday mailing.

Sport Relief tapped into community spirit to generate sign-ups and boost fundraising.

BT used targeted mail to surprise and switch broadband customers.

Costa used mail to bring the taste of their new blend to their most loyal customers.

Virgin trains used a tongue-in-cheek door drop to fill empty seats.

Relish used mail to target households where they could deliver the best.

EE used tactile direct mail to capture attention and reduce churn.

Women For Women International mailed women at work to acquire new donors.

Sky optimised targeting, messaging & design to convince Freeview customers to switch.

Ikea door dropped the most helpful measuring tape in the world.

Scotts of Stow maximised catalogue value by testing different mail delivery formats.

Change4Life used mail to get kids moving everyday.

National Trust used a magic poster to get kids playing outside.

The Times mailed RSVP cards to convert trialists to paying members.

Targeted mail increased response by over 50% for Alder Hey Children’s Charity.

Fred Olsen built its branding and bookings through door dropping targeted brochures.

Well used targeted door drops to rebrand as a community pharmacy.

Cunard line used personalisation to prompt re-booking.

Customers said 'Oui' to a fully personalised catalogue from Cyrillus

How Sunlife increased sales by 21%.

JD Williams increased basket completion by 14% with Programmatic Mail.

Costco’s highly targeted and integrated mail and door drop plan uplifted response by 28%.

Challenging prejudice to change recruitment in UK businesses.

Using data patterns to deliver personalised customer support for DIY'ers.

Pets at Home created a pet centric loyalty scheme.

Never underestimate the power of simplicity.

EDF used segmentation and an integrated brand campaign to target mail and door drop acquisition.

The Scottish Government achieved long-term savings with highly targeted direct mail.

The Salvation Army grew new donors by 262% in 5 years with DM driving the core of an integrated campaign.

Donor acquisition – interactive mail showing people how they can make a difference.

Crimestoppers used interactive mail to highlight danger around cannabis farms.

Donor acquisition – door drops deliver for the Royal British Legion 11-11-11.

The Times used mail to reduce churn and drive retention.

Renault got new customers with a mailing that was impossible to ignore.

Maids & More wanted to grow the business by running an acquisition campaign.