Sunlife wanted to reach online enquirers about their pet insurance quickly – before they bought elsewhere - to convert them to purchase.


If SunLife couldn’t get people to convert perhaps their pet could.  They sent ‘smelly packs’ (peppermint for cats, bacon for dogs) and created a story about how their pet knew a good thing when they saw it – or smelt it.


Each digitally printed pack – triggered by a quote online - was personalised throughout, including the pet’s name big and bold on the front and back.


Customers were emailed in advance telling them to look out for the pack and asking them to upload a film clip of their pet’s reaction to it on social media.



Response rate was nearly 7% - almost twice the target.  Sales during the campaign rose by 21% achieving an ROI of 3.8:1. Average premium income was 11% higher than expected as more people chose the Gold or Silver insurance packages.

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