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Use Direct Mail Retargeting to convert website visitors into sales

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You’ve heard about programmatic advertising, but what about the power of the new conversion channel Programmatic Mail?

It’s the smart way to deliver highly targeted direct mail to existing customers in real-time to boost your website sales. Programmatic Mail is the perfect combination of both tangible direct mail and digital. It allows you to retarget non-converting website visitors usually within just 24 hours.

Using first party permissioned data, relevant mailings are sent out by post based on online consumer behaviour. That’s what makes Programmatic Mail ideal for nudging customers through the sales funnel to buy your product or service.

Research shows that using Programmatic Mail can reduce abandoned basket rates by 14%*.

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*Paperplanes and JD Williams case study

What you’ll learn

JD Williams Case Study


As one of UK’s leading online retailers, N Brown Group constantly seeks to reduce basket abandonment rates for its JD Williams brand –to drive greater returns from e-commerce.

Although JD Williams already had a basket abandonment remediation strategy in place, they sent two permissioned emails to customers who had abandoned their baskets with retargeted banner ads also encouraging reconsideration.

JD Williams wanted to see if a new media channel could help improve their retargeting response rates. Could physical mail really complement their existing digital channels and improve response rates


JD Williams set up a trial with Paperplanes designed to deliver conclusive answers. That meant including the following segments:

  • A control group, where abandoned basket customers were sent no follow-up message
  • A group where customers received existing two follow up emails
  • A group where customers received both follow up emails plus a piece of direct mail


For the final group, where Programmatic Mail complemented existing marketing channels

  • Response rates increased overall by 6%
  • Average order value increased by 8% overall
  • Abandoned car ratees were reduced overall by 14%

Download the guide to find out in more detail how JD Williams used Programmatic Mail to achieve these results.

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