An ordnance survey led 'Hero Dads' to the new Renault Kadjar.


Renault wanted its all-new Renault KADJAR to stand out - to increase its consideration in the fastest growing most competitive automotive segment.


Renault targeted ‘Hero Dads’ (married men and fathers, 25-49 years old, satisfied with their lifestyle, young at heart unwilling to compromise their individuality) identifying them on their database with lifestyle and profiling tools.

An eDM  ‘tease phase’ revealed the car’s key features and asked prospects to register interest. Renault kept news coming each month until the car launched.

Finally, a dramatic mailing, was sent to those likely to purchase.  The real-sized Ordnance Survey map was overprinted with messaging about the KADJAR and suggestions on where they could go for an adventure with the car,.


Renault sold 1,629 vehicles in total, 337 of these were incremental as a result of the campaign (based on the control group data). 39% of sales were to recipients of the mail – which when combined with email, had a conversion rate that was double those who only received the email

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