An all-terrain envelope took drivers on a ride



Lexus Canada wanted to promote the superior hill-climbing ability of their new Lexus GX, however grabbing the attention of the notoriously busy target audience was challenging.

This audience were never going to come in for a test drive, so Lexus set out to showcase the SUV’s abilities without them ever having to leave their home or office.


Lexus created a physically engaging demonstration of the hill-climbing ability of the Lexus GX by turning the simple mechanism of a manila envelope into an adventure.

Attached on a string to the outside of the envelope was a finger-sized replica of the off-road, luxury Lexus GX. To open the mailing, the recipient had to move the car from point to point – once unwound, an insert revealed they had just traced the elevation of a drive between Vancouver and Banff.

Those who were curious enough to unravel the mailing fully were sent to a landing page to enter a contest to win a trip along that exact mountainous drive in a GX.


The all-terrain envelope didn’t just turn the mailing into an interactive customer experience that demonstrated the product features and benefits, it also helped the GX hit record sales numbers, with a 500% increase year-over-year.


Source: Canada Post 

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