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Unleash the magic of mail

Direct mail combines creativity and commercial focus to powerful effect. It engages consumers, builds relationships and boosts the bottom line for businesses. Marketreach shows brands and agencies how mail can work its magic.

Discover the magic of mail

If you really want to understand what mail can do for your brand, you’re in the right place. Here at Marketreach we’ve got all the reports, tools and specialist advice you need to deliver your goals.

Whether you’re looking to be creatively inspired or want to understand how to use mail effectively, we’re here to help. And all our services and research are free.

Mail drives powerful commercial results

People engage with mail like no other communication channel

Take your pick of 32 million households

Mail is a highly trusted communication channel

What can mail do for your brand?

The magic of mail is more surprising than pulling a rabbit out of a hat – it fires up customers like a fire-breathing lion and stands out like a jet-skiing panda. Confused? Watch the video and find out why direct mail is the perfect addition to your brand’s marketing mix.

Watch our Mail Unleashed series

Hosted by advertising legend Rory Sutherland our ‘Mail Unleashed’ series goes in-depth with some top CMOs about their experiences with the hugely effective channel, direct mail. Watch full episodes here.

Mail can be a sustainable choice

We know mail is effective at driving a 95% engagement rate, but how does it stack up environmentally? Mail can be part of a sustainable, circular economy. By understanding its entire life cycle, we can make better, more informed decisions that can significantly reduce our impact on the planet.

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