Supercharge your Customer Experience with Mail

It’s proven that an omnichannel approach can boost CX. Adding mail to your customer communications mix is a powerful way to drive customer retention and loyalty.

Marketreach and Accenture Customer Mail report cover

What you’ll learn

In our report written with customer experience (CX) experts Accenture, you’ll learn:

  • Why customers demand a better customer experience from businesses
  • How mail cuts through to maximise your brand's impact
  • When to effectively use mail and digital in the customer journey for maximum effect
  • How to optimise Customer Mail to deliver the best customer experience
  • Why 71% of consumers said they trust Customer Mail and how 43% of mail leads to commercial results for brands
  • Case studies featuring brands successfully using Customer Mail to drive results


Using mail to transform your customer experience

89% of companies say that customer experience is the new competitive battlefield. And that's not a battle you want to lose.

In today’s world where consumer expectations have massively shifted, it’s the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your CX strategy. That's where Customer Mail can be a valuable addition to your communications mix.

Customer Mail, mail sent to customers, donors, supporters or anyone you have an existing relationship with, plays an integral role in building good CX. Consumers trust mail. It’s highly engaged with by all ages including Gen Z and is proven to build all-important customer relationships. Done well, mail is a powerful way to break through the digital overload and show customers you care.

Our ground-breaking research reveals why using mail at the right time and for the right  communications is good for both business and customers. 

Transform your CX today