Paper comes from a natural regenerative crop - trees. Using raw materials from sustainably certified forests supports tree planting and biodiversity and helps absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Mail can be regenerative

In nature, regeneration is the process of renewal and restoration. Regenerative production provides materials in ways that support positive outcomes for nature, which include but are not limited to healthy and stable soils, improved local biodiversity, improved air and water quality.

The production of paper for example feeds a regenerative economy in which more trees can be planted replacing those cut down. In this process, green jobs are created, carbon can be sequestered, soil health can improve, and watersheds can be secured. Leading experts explain how paper can be regenerative, and that the decisions we make around the mail we create can contribute to a circular economy.

We all love paper and use it in our everyday lives. Made from natural, renewable resources, easily recycled and made into new formats, physical mail is a sustainable way to communicate. For mail to contribute to a circular economy all parts of the supply chain need to consider where elements can be reused, impacts can be reduced, and waste avoided. As an industry we need to continue to raise awareness of the circular advantages of paper we use in our communications and beyond.

Jonathan Tame, Managing Director, Two Sides

FSC-certified paper is made with new and/or recycled pulp that supports responsible forestry. Responsible forest management drives a regenerative wood-based economy, creating green jobs, maintaining and enhancing biodiversity, and sequestering carbon from our atmosphere, helping to mitigate climate change.

Tallulah Chapman, Communications Manager at Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) UK 


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