Maids & More

Maids & More wanted to grow the business by running an acquisition campaign.


Maids & More is a home cleaning and maintenance business based in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. Owner Linda Fox wanted to grow the business by running an acquisition campaign.


They used door drops to target local addresses using Cameo targeting data to select the best potential customers.


In just 12 months Linda Fox created a thriving business and Royal Mail Door to Door had been absolutely key to her success. 13,000 addresses were targeted in the local area and the cost, including printing, was around £1,100. They initially recruited seven new customers, each with an average yearly value of £3,500, meaning the campaign generated a huge Return on Investment (ROI) of over 22 :1.

The campaign was a huge success and Linda’s advice for anyone else starting up a small business was “There is a huge amount of free advice from Royal Mail, your bank manager, Business Link and Inland Revenue. I attribute my success to all the free advice I have received, and to my team.”

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