Home delivery start-up Bother adds Door Drops as core acquisition channel



Home delivery start-up Bother launched on social media and digital, achieving initial growth through Facebook, Instagram and Google. They needed to diversify into other channels to meet their ambitious growth targets.


Working with print experts, Pureprint and Marketreach, a test and learn strategy was developed with a vision to roll out nationwide if successful. Door Drops were recommended as a scalable, targeted and cost-effective channel to broadcast awareness and drive response.

Marketreach profiled Bother’s active customer base against geo-demographics to understand which were most predictive. The data was overlaid with MOSIAC profiles and customer penetration to build a customer propensity model that was refined further using regional analysis.

The first Door Drop, sent to 2 million households, had a ‘£25 off your first shop’ offer and used a QR code to make downloading the app quick and easy. It was a success.

The targeting model was then rebuilt using insights from the response to the first campaign, as well as sector density analysis and further regional analysis. The Door Drop creative was optimised using eye tracking technology and tested against the original in a split test.


In Bother’s first campaign, App downloads increased by 1132% compared to the week prior. Each successive Door Drop has delivered at least a 500% increase in app users.

The Door Drops helped increase the efficiency of Facebook ads, lowering the channel CPA by 50% compared to the prior month. Even with this increase in efficiency, Door Drops were still able to outperform digital channels with CPAs 33% lower.

Door Drop is now a core acquisition channel within Bother’s marketing plan, with the brand looking to increase volumes in 2022 and explore how other mail products can deliver growth.

“We have learned how important Door Drops are as part of the marketing mix. This campaign drove far more organic visits than previous SEO campaigns. Our traffic spikes every time we do a drop. It is undeniably an effective way of getting attention compared to the usual means of acquisition.” - Ryan Fuller, Head of Growth, Bother


Source: Ryan Fuller, Head of Growth, Bother, Matt Rees, Business Development Director, Pureprint Group

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