Relish had a bold promise – they could guarantee the best speed possible – but only in certain areas. When launching in London, they needed a way to target only the households where this promise would match the customer experience. 


Advertising across London raised awareness of the Relish brand.  Using mapping Relish, and their creative agency Soul, were able to identify the specific areas that could deliver the ‘best speed guaranteed’.  Mail was chosen as the most cost-effective way to target these households.  42 variants were produced – each recognising the area where the customer lived and the frustrations around the broadband options they had to put up with. 

Using a cheeky tone of voice and clever, ‘hyper-local’ headlines, Relish offered a simpler and better alternative to a city that ‘lives off a diet of mobile and Netflix’.   


The average conversion to sale rate of 2.27% was outstanding in an industry that is happy with less than 1%.


Source: Relish - DMA Award Entry 2015

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