How Mail Engages Citizens

Research on how citizens engage with different forms of communication

MarketReach How Mail Engages Citizens report

What you'll learn

  • What communications are people most aware of
  • What messages are recalled best by citizens
  • Which communications channels work best for specific messages
  • Why mail works for local authorities
  • Which formats of mail are engaged with


Our report

Local government uses a variety of channels to communicate to people in its communities, and we wanted to understand the impact these had on citizens.

Within these communication channels, mail represents a significant investment for local government bodies.

We conducted research to evaluate and validate the role mail and other media plays in local authority communications, especially in-light of the enormous financial pressures facing these bodies and the continued drive to deliver more for less. The report uncovers which communication channels people recall, types of messages people recall receiving from their local authorities and how well these topics are recalled when delivered by different channels.

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