JICMAIL Attention study. The time we spend with mail

Explore the impact of traditional mail channels like Direct Mail and Door Drops in a media landscape dominated by digital.

JICMAIL Attention study - The time we spend with mail report

Harness the untapped potential of mail and elevate your marketing to new heights. By delving into the whitepaper, you'll embark on a journey of discovery, unlocking the secrets of attention dynamics, commercial success, and digital engagement. It's a roadmap to brand visibility, audience engagement, and marketing optimisation.

"The Time We Spend with Mail" reveals insights from a major study conducted by JICMAIL, quantifying the amount of time consumers spend with their mail. The research highlights that the average piece of Direct Mail is viewed for 108 across 28 days, while Door Drops are observed for 46 seconds. It emphasises that mail is a high attention media channel, with strong links to commercial effectiveness and generating digital attention for brands' owned channels. The study showcases the importance of location in the home and contextual relevance in driving mail attention. It also compares the attention efficiency of mail with other media platforms, demonstrating its cost-effectiveness in capturing consumer attention.

Marketers should download this whitepaper to gain valuable insights into the attention dynamics of mail, understand its impact on commercial effectiveness, and leverage its ability to drive digital engagement. By accessing this report, marketers can optimise marketing effectiveness by incorporating direct mail enhancing brand visibility, and maximising consumer engagement.

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