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A letter created a richer brand experience by engaging the senses.


Royal Mail wanted to encourage 1000 advertisers in the UK who were currently spending below average amounts on Direct Mail to see the medium as more than a fulfilment technique. The pack had to demonstrate that DM can deliver a richer, more engaging brand experience to their customers. Royal mail mailed on average 6 people per site.


The agency asked themselves - how do you create stronger, more intimate and ultimately more profitable relationships with customers? The answer: engage their senses. This principle was bought to life by mailing personalised letters using the finest milk chocolate that they could find. The letter encouraged the target audience to smell, touch and taste it, and explained the principle of engaging the senses to create more emotive connections with their customers – asking the recipients to call Royal Mail and find out more about mail.


Being business to business the campaign would be measured over 12 months, within just 2 months Royal Mail achieved 51 leads with a projected revenue of £1.17m from a mailing budget of £210k.

The chocolate letter generated exceptional cut through and achieved a high level of recall from the target audience of advertisers and agencies. Of those that read the mailing 70% took or planned to take action as a result.

The mailing had a positive impact on not just DM but on the Royal Mail brand: with 74% of those who recalled the mailing said that it had made them fell more positive about Royal Mail.

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