BT knew there were specific geographic areas where its broadband Infinity speeds were faster than its competitors and identified an opportunity to steal market share.


BT used data to pinpoint households with slow broadband and targeted them with a highly relevant message.  Using mail they allowed the medium to become the message – humorously suggesting that sending something by post might be faster than trying to contact them by mail. The line on the outside of the envelope delivered the campaign message right from the doormat: “We were going to email you but we think your broadband’s so slow, it was quicker to post you this”. Without even opening the letter, the point was landed.


Response rates of 0.41% smashed the control’s 0.30%. At an 11.4% conversion rate, the mail pack clearly both grabbed attention and was also successful in attracting and converting new customers. Both cost per response and cost per sale were less than half the target making mail both cost effective and successful.


Source: BT - DMA Award Winner Silver 2015

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