Under GDPR, businesses are more accountable for their customer data than ever before. Royal Mail MarketReach Media Specialists are available to help you capture, manage and maintain accurate data, and enhance your marketing strategy so your campaigns get the best results possible.

Am I getting the best out of my data?

Article 5 of the GDPR makes organisations even more accountable for data accuracy. MarketReach has experts in mail, data and communications who can help you take on the complexities of data and unlock its power for your business. By driving more value from your data, you’ll get a better return on investment from your marketing.

How can I get the most out of mail?

We have a team of media specialists, over 300 case studies, lots of useful industry tools, plus a team of experienced media & data planners to help support you every step of the way.

Where do I begin?

Whether you’d like to develop a marketing strategy using mail, plan to ask customers for permission again, or would like to test new data strategies – we can help and work to all budgets. Ask about our special price incentives too.

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