JD Williams

JD Williams’ welcome pack produced VIP sales


JD Williams had created a loyalty programme to reward highest spending customers. The VIP club was designed to give members access to unique benefits and bonus rewards.

JD Williams wanted to introduce the selected members to the club in a way that was fitting with the VIP name.


JD Williams mailed a sumptuous VIP welcome pack to 100,000 high value customers.

From the patterned overlay on the outer and booklet to the gold bow design, everything about the mailings screamed exclusivity and prestige – reflecting the benefits of the loyalty programme. The line on the outer “…we’re inviting YOU IN” clearly informed recipients that they were receiving the mailing because of their VIP status.


JD Williams saw an amazing response rate of 22.5% generating an extra £3 million in sales.

These were truly great results from a non-selling mailing, which shows that making customers feel special pays off.

Source: Redcmarketing.com

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