Who Gives A Crap

Highly targeted door drops made “Who Gives A Crap” flush with success



Who Gives A Crap aren’t your average toilet paper. They give back. With every wipe of a bum they change the world by donating 50% of their profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world.

The challenge was to raise awareness, increase sign-ups online, drive sales and have the brand on its way to sitting on the throne as the top brand for recycled toilet paper.


Who Gives A Crap used door drops as a channel to reach prospect customers in the home but also immediately stand out, delivering its unique and humorous messaging and grabbing the attention of the householder with a strong offer that would really stick.

Working with their agency Whistl, Who Gives A Crap UK used customer data to create a targeting model that identified key postcode sectors within England that had a high propensity of prospect customers. The model was built using a blended approach targeting householders with medium to higher incomes, and a propensity to spend more on quality FMCG products. Mosaic and relevant TGI statements were employed to get to the bottom of best potential areas to target.

Using this data, three location types were created: Metro London, Metro non-London and Rural. The targeting methodology identified the best 200,000 households across the three location types with the highest penetration of quality-focussed and environmentally conscious consumers.

4 eye-catching executions were created; all printed on high quality recycled paper stock, with a simple call to action to the website to order and a strong offer via the discount code.

The postcards were split across the 3 location types, with all 4 creatives being delivered in each area to test the response, per creative version, per area.

The first – ‘The most you’ll think about Toilet Paper’ – appealed to potential customers who fitted the brand’s Straight Shooter customer archetype. Straight talking, this campaign focussed on the ease and convenience of getting your toilet paper delivered. ‘Seed Pot’ appealed to potential customers who fit the Environmentalist customer archetype - it included a call-to-action to re-use OVER recycling and included instructions on how to re-use the product as a seed-starter in the garden. ‘Billboard’ captured the brand’s core point of difference: ‘Wipe your bum and change the world’ in ‘billboard’ style with less copy. It could appeal to ANY of their archetypes. Finally, ‘Junk Mail Bingo’ appealed to customers who fit their Cherry Picker customer archetype…

The digital campaign that ran at the same time helped with awareness and search.


The highly targeted campaign achieved a 140% increase on sales versus their target, taking Who Gives A Crap one step closer to making the world a better place.

The success of this door drop campaign was attributed to three key areas: targeting, toilet humour and ATL integration.

With lockdown being enforced at the time, the mix between digital campaigns and receiving a high-end, eco-friendly toilet paper delivery service leaflet to their homes - while at home - added to the success of the campaign by maximising the brand message and offering.

Source: DMA Awards 2021 Bronze Best Use of Unaddressed Print

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