Focusing on quality not quantity delivered results to Swoon



Swoon is a UK design-led online brand with a mission to create distinctive furniture designs that last for generations and sell at affordable prices.

In 2020, during the height of the Covid-19 lockdown when spending on household goods skyrocketed, Swoon needed a new approach to acquiring customers. Swoon’s print agency Mailbird had used JICMAIL to conduct pre-campaign analysis that confirmed mail’s potential to engage the Swoon target audience.


With confidence in the channel, Swoon instructed Mailbird to find their hottest prospects. Mailbird’s strategy was ‘quality rather than quantity’ – they focused on highest quality look-a-like data and not volume.

Starting with Swoon’s existing market segments, Mailbird set out to accurately pinpoint prospects more likely to respond. Advanced profiling techniques, statistical modelling and insight analytics were used to identify 25,000 affluent prospects who should be the first to receive Swoon’s high quality, 32-page A5 catalogue.


Swoon’s first mailing smashed expectations more than doubling the results predicted by the bespoke JICMAIL data analysis. The highly targeted catalogue delivered a 2.1% response rate and a return-on-advertising spend of more than 22. This resulted in new revenue of more than £300,000 with many product lines selling out.

The results of the campaign have led Swoon to make mail a firm part of its ongoing marketing strategy.

Source: SMP Awards

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