Cold mail, partially addressed mail and door drops made 2020 RSPCA's best Christmas ever.


Between 2018 and 2020, RSPCA had upweighted face-to-face to replace the shortfall in cold mail acquisition due to GDPR. Lockdown stopped this. The charity urgently needed to fill the gap in donor acquisition and fundraising.


RSPCA shifted their strategy to create an integrated multi-channel campaign that had mail at its heart. Cold addressed mail was used to find highly targeted prospects. Partially Addressed Mail (PAM) and door drops extended the campaign reach without cannibalising other activity.

To understand the true performance of each channel, creative and format were kept consistent across addressed mail, PAM and door drops. The pack invited donors to 'Join the Winter Rescue'.


Across the campaign, donation revenue was 87% above target. 47% more donors were recruited than target.  Cold mail delivered 150% more donors than target. Revenue from Partially Addressed Mail was 88% higher than predicted. The ROI on door drops improved by 59%.

Source: Karen Pierre, Marketing Manager – Donor Recruitment, RSPCA

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