Land Rover

A panini style pack allowed Land Rover drivers to ‘Build their own adventure’


With two body designs, six trim levels, seven exterior colours and 119 individual accessories, New Defender was the most customisable Land Rover ever. But the pandemic meant prospects were unable or unwilling to visit retailers. Land Rover wanted to make it easy for prospects to explore their perfect vehicle and tailor the New Defender to their lifestyle.


Land Rover and their agencies Spark44 and Edit mailed an ‘offline configurator’ to stimulate interest, educate and overcome choice paralysis when configuring a car.

To resonate with a Gen X male audience, Land Rover based the pack on the Panini football sticker album they'd bought as children. The stickers helped them explore the full range of models, specifications, styling and accessories and build their dream car. Included were stickers featuring beautiful, rugged backdrops such as deserts, mountains and forests, to highlight the practicality, capability and durability of the car. Fold-out landscape pages allowed prospects to put their New Defender into their selected outdoor environment. A QR code linked to an online version.

This highly interactive mailing tapped into a sense of nostalgia and security, which many longed for during the pandemic. And the tangibility of mail allowed Land Rover to stand out from the plethora of digital communications customers were receiving during lockdown.


This nostalgic and interactive direct mail pack generated significant renewed interest and led to 2,455 New Defender prospect enquiries - a response rate of around 25%.

In total, 431 sales were prompted, generating an ROI of 514:1.

Source: DMA Award Winner, 2021, Gold, Best Use of Mail

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