Forestry England

The new national pack was welcomed by members


Forestry England do wonderful work mobilising members of the public to make the most of England’s natural green spaces. Their aim is to inspire active engagement with England’s fabulous forests and to preserve the country’s leafy green heritage. 

Working with their new partner Latcham, Forestry England set out to create a Welcome Pack to engage and inspire new members. The pack needed to embody the Forestry England brand and adhere to their sustainability values, while also maintaining a cost-effective approach without compromising on quality.


Latcham’s first challenge was how to send out the pack – the outer packaging needed to be sustainably produced and have capacity to hold all six components below, while remaining the optimal size and weight for the best postal rate. No mean feat! 

• Personalised Letter from the Chief Executive 

• Personalised Car window permit

• Permit disc holder 

• Personalised Membership card 

• 16-page Forest England guide booklet

• Map and events poster

Low environmental impact was at the heart of the production strategy. A bespoke cardboard envelope was designed and developed using Forestry Stewardship (FSC) material. Latcham also used FSC material for the personalised membership card, parking permit, booklet, and poster, while the Chief Executive’s letter was produced, on demand, by low energy and water-based printers using recycled stock. Any waste stocks generated whilst in the production process were segregated and taken off site for recycling purposes. 

The output was a visually appealing onboarding welcome pack for new members that was both practical and sustainable.


By integrating these practices, Latcham’s efforts led to a direct and measurable impact on paper-based CO2 emissions, aligning with the environmental values and ambitions of Forestry England and setting a new benchmark for sustainable member engagement. Furthermore, members fed back how impressed they were with the pack and its contents.   

Welcome pack envelopes are made from recycled carboard, membership cards are produced from 100% recycled plant fibre, and all stock is produced using FSC or PEFC certified paper.  Coupled with an eco-friendly production strategy that included on-demand printing, which cuts down on energy usage by 20% and reduces paper waste by an estimated 15% compared to traditional batch printing. 

The recycled stock used for these components also contributed to a tangible decrease in Forestry England’s carbon footprint – with an estimated 25% reduction in CO2 emissions over previous methods.  

All Energy supplied to power Latcham’s office and production facilities is from 100% renewable sources (Haven Energy) saving 338 Tonnes of CO2 per year.

Source: SMP Awards 2023

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