Driving effectiveness with direct mail (WARC)

In uncertain times, our choice of marketing and communications channels is more important than ever. This report, developed in association with WARC takes a fresh look at what direct mail can offer in today's world.

Driving effectiveness with direct mail (WARC) report

What you’ll learn

Driving effectiveness with direct mail will help you to:

  • Reconsider direct mail’s role as lead media or in the media mix
  • Understand the impact of direct mail on ROI, revenue, market share and more. For example, campaigns with mail in the mix are 52% more likely to report ROI effects and 43% more likely to report revenue uplifts
  • Consider the impact of physical marketing to maximise attention - particularly with Gen Z audiences
  • Drive consumer engagement through technological innovations and mail personalisation
  • Use DM to gain and keep customers
  • Measure the marketing effectiveness of direct mail


Our report

As we manage our way through uncertain times, our choice of marketing and communications channels is paramount to both optimise results and drive customer value. Now is the most important time to deliver effectiveness.

In association with marketing intelligence experts, WARC, we’ve developed a report that analyses successful UK case studies using direct mail, as the lead media and in the media mix. It takes a fresh look at the benefits of direct mail in today’s world. With more people working from home post-COVID, the rise of ecommerce and economic uncertainty, consumption habits have changed. As a result, the physical impact of direct mail in an increasingly digital world can be a game changer for brands.

The report re-evaluates the unique role of direct mail in the marketing mix. It demonstrates how the channel is helping brands to deliver ROI and sustained growth as well as the many creative, digital integration and measurement possibilities it offers. The whitepaper also includes media effectiveness case studies from brands such as Sky, IKEA, Jaguar Land Rover, Direct Line and more.

When direct mail is done properly; with the smart use of data, personalisation, creative and emotional triggers, it remains a highly effective component for building connections with consumers as part of an era of digital transformation. Sue Unerman Chief Transformation Officer, MediaCom

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