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The life stages of mail

Research on how people in different life stages interact with mail and why it matters for advertisers

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We set out to understand how people of different life stages interact with mail in order to help advertisers get the best from it.

We also wanted to find out how heavy users of digital devices such as smartphones and tablets – primarily, but not exclusively, younger people – view and interact with mail.

We explored both the quantitative and qualitative evidence using both an age and a life stage approach. The latter proved the best way to gain useful insight about people’s attitudes and behaviours. This approach also helped us generate insights that advertisers can use to improve their response rates.

Age is a conventional framework that many marketers use to differentiate different groups of people. But it can sometimes be a blunt tool. An individual aged 18–24 who lives at home is not the same as one who lives in shared accommodation or one who is part of a couple

The 7 groups we looked at in depth were:

Fledglings: young adults living in their parent(s) home

Sharers: adults living in shared accommodation

Couples: adults living only with their partners

Young Families: living with at least one child below the age of secondary school

Older Families: living with at least one child at secondary school or further education

Empty Nesters: no children at home and at least one of the adults still working

Older Retirees: either one or two adults living as partners and dependent on income from pensions

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What you’ll learn

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