In May 2014 the world-famous Mackintosh Building, at the heart of The Glagow Shool of Art’s Garnethill campus, suffered a house fire that caused significant damage to the Mackintosh library. The Campus needed £32 million to help restore the Mackintosh Building and return the library to its original 1910 design.



The creatives behind the campaign had the idea of using actual materials damaged in the fire to help raise money for the restoration. The Glasgow School of Art and the agency worked together to approach some of the biggest names in contemporary British art.

Each artist was sent a piece of debris specifically chosen for them with a note telling them what it was, where it was from and explaining the concept. The brief was left open for each artist to interpret what they received and create their own piece of art.



The idea fascinated and inspired some of the greatest creative talents in the UK and 25 leading British artists responded to the individual mailing. Their pieces were shown at Christie's in London before being auctioned.


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