New customers weren’t plugging into EE’s Bright Box router – mistakenly believing the quality of service came through the wires alone rather than the router.  As a result they were blaming poor service on EE – and leaving.


EE got their message into every customer’s hands by creating a DM pack that couldn’t be ignored. Prefaced by a personalised salutation, the line on the envelope – Hello Wendy, Is your Bright Box router gathering dust? – was bought to life using tactile techniques to mimic the fabric of a duster. Inside the pack succinctly communicated the benefits of the router and told customers how quick and easy it was to install.


The lower churn rates vs the control cells, showed the tactile mail pack had sufficient impact to encourage customers to plug in their Bright Box router and enjoy the better broadband experience they’d joined EE for.


Source: EE - DMA Award Entry 2015


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