The Private Life Of Mail

Digital media has changed the advertising world. New platforms, through which brands and consumers communicate and share experiences, have enhanced consumer relationships. At Royal Mail we’ve made some revolutionary changes too. As part of this, we conducted an 18 month in-depth investigation to see how consumers interact with mail in the digital age. We looked inside consumers’ homes, hearts and heads, and this is what we discovered.

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What next


Can opening a person’s letterbox also open their minds to your brand and message?

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Mail in the heart - Panel

How do you make your customers feel special, valued and get them to take your message more seriously? You send them a letter.

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Mail in the home

Through deep ethnographic interviewing, CCTV observation and survey work, we uncovered some vital insights into how mail flows throughout the average UK household.

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Mail in the wallet

We’ve also been able to prove the value that mail delivers to the bottom line.

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